Update PC Games Mei 2015 Bagian 2

Berminat dengan pc games rilis terbaru bulan Mei 2015 dibawah ini, atau mau lihat katalog koleksi lengkap games terdahulu, silahkan KLIK DISINI

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 (+ Patch v1.0.3.4) - 1 dvd CODEX
Drew and The Floating Labyrinth - (1DVD) PROPHET
Dex 1 dvd (setup) - CODEX 
Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015 - 1DVD SKIDROW
Grand Theft Auto V -GTA V- (+ Bonus trainer v1.0.323.2 - STEAM EDITION) 15 dvd- FULL RELOADED 
Grand Theft Auto V -GTA V- (HANYA CRACK Versi.RELOADED + update 5 )1dvd - RELOADED 
(bagi yang sudah beli game V.3DM-noSteam ini dari  kami, cukup beli V.Reloaded ini saja- hanya untuk Versi RGSC/Rockstar)
Goat Simulator GoatZ - 1DVD PLAZA
Mortal Kombat X (Hanya Update 20150506) 1dvd - RELOADED
Ori and the Blind Forest (+ Update 1) - 1 dvd CODEX
Project CARS (+ Update V.2 Incl DLC) 4 dvd- RELOADED
Truck Mechanic Simulator 2015 - 1DVD SKIDROW
Wolfenstein The Old Blood - 9 dvd CODEX 
WarBirds - World War II Combat Aviation - 1 dvd CODEX
Where Angels Cry - 1dvd PROPHET

Assassins Creed Unity (GAME BASIC + Update 1.2-1.3-1.4-1.5) 10dvd- RELOADED ( bagi yang sdh punya game ini dari kami, 
untuk patch saja cukup beli disk 10nya
Assassin's Creed Unity Dead Kings (hanya DLC - 2DVD SETUP) - RELOADED
Borderlands 2 (Game Basic + Patch v1.60 include all dlc + 6 karakter sekarang) 3DVD
Borderlands 2 - Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt DLC : 1DVD
Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and her Pirates Booty + Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage - DLC ONLY 1 DVD
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 & 2 (Game basic ) - 1 dvd CODEX
Borderlands The Pre Sequel (Game Basic + Update.v1.0.3.Incl DLC)-RELOADED bagi yang sdh punya game ini dari kami, 
Borderlands The Pre Sequel (Hanya Update v1.0.5)-(1DVD) RELOADED
Borderlands The Pre Sequel (+ Patch v1.0.2 include Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack DLC) (EU) 2 dvd (setup) - RELOADED note: bagi yang sudah membeli di kami cukup disk2 saja.
untuk patch saja cukup beli disk 2nya (2dvd)
Dying Light - (Game Basic + Update v1.4.0.Incl DLC)-(3dvd) RELOADED (untuk updatenya bagi yg sdh punya game ini dari kami,cukup beli disk 3 nya saja)
Dying Light - (Hanya Update V.1.5.0) (1dvd) RELOADED
Dying Light - (hanya Patch V.1.5.1 include DLC)- 1DVD - RELOADED
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Empires - (Game Basic) - 2 dvd CODEX
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Xtreme Legends (Game Basic) - 4DVD C0DEX
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Xtreme Legends (hanya patch v1.02 dan DLC only - 21 DLC) 2 dvd - CODEX
Far Cry 4 - Complete 4DLC (Game basic include all dlc - Escape from Durgesh Prison + Valley of the Yeti Addon + Hurk deluxe pack + overrun  + Update 1.4 s/d 1.9 ) 8DVD -MULTI2 RELOADED 
Far Cry 4 (Game basic + Update V.1.4-1.5-1.6) 7 dvd (setup) - RELOADED
Far Cry 4 (hanya Valley of the Yeti Addon-(hanya addon)- (3dvd) RELOADED
Far Cry 4 (hanya patch v.1.7 + Escape from Durgesh Prison mission DLC) 1 dvd - RELOADED
Far Cry 4 (HANYA Hurk Deluxe addon + Blood Ruby Mission + Yak Farm Mission+ all DLC ) - 1dvd-RELOADED
Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor (game basic - include HD Texture Pack) 11 dvd - CODEX
Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor (hanya Update Build.v1808.19 + + 16 DLC)-(1dvd) CODEX
Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor (Hanya Update 6 + 6.1 incld dlc bright lord) 2dvd - FLT-3DM
The Evil Within - The Consequence (Game basic - include main game + Assignment DLC + last patch + All update ) (12dvd) - CODEX
The Evil Within (Game Basic + update 1) - (9dvd) Codex 
The Evil Within (Hanya update 1) - (1dvd) Codex
The Evil Within (hanya Update v1.03) 1 DVD -CODEX 
The Evil Within The Assignment DLC (3DVD)- (MEMBUTUHKAN UPDATE 1 dan 1.03) -CODEX 
Total War ROME II - Emperor Edition (Game Basic Include dlc + Augustus + Gaul + Hannibal + all DLC) 3 dvd RELOADED
Total War ROME II - Emperor Edition (hanya Update v2.2.0.Incl dan DLC) 1dvd RELOADED
Total War ROME II - Hannibal at the Gates (Game Basic Include + Caesar in Gaul + 7 DLC) (EU) 3 dvd (setup)
Total War Rome II - (Game Basic)- 2DVD RELOADED
Total War Rome II - (Hanya Update 7 Include DLC only) 1DVD 
Watch Dogs - ( Game Basic + Hot fix + DAY 1 PATCH + DLC Unlocker) = 5.DVD (yang sudah punya game ini dari KAMI,cukup beli disk 5 nya saja) RELOADED
Watch Dogs - Bad Blood (Hanya DLC)  (1dvd) -RELOADED
Wolfenstein - The Old Blood (Game Basic) - 9 dvd CODEX 
Wolfenstein - The New Order (Game Basic) - 10 dvd  RELOADED 

Assassins Creed - Chronicles China (+ krack fix)- (1dvd) CODEX
Airport Simulator 2015 - (1dvd) PLAZA
Bloodbath Kavkaz - (1dvd) PLAZA
Battle of Empires 1914-1918 -  (1dvd) CODEX
Bloodbath Kavkaz (1dvd)
Convoy - (1dvd) H12U
Casino.Inc- (1dvd) HI2U
Cooking Academy Fire and Knives - (1dvd) PROPHET
Driver Pack 2015 (15.4) - 3DVD
Dark Romance 2 Heart of the Beast Collectors Edition - (1dvd)
Dungeons 2 - (1dvd) CODEX 
Divekick Addition Edition - (1dvd) PROPHET
Demon Hunter Chronicles from Beyond Collectors Edition - (1dvd) MULTi11-PROPHET
Endless Legend - Guardians (1dvd) CODEX
Halo Spartan Strike - (1dvd) CODEX
Hand of Fate Wildcards (include main game + all DLC) 1dvd - CODEX
Highlands - (1dvd) CODEX
Haunted Hotel 8 - Eternity Collector's Edition Cracked - (1dvd)
Kerbal Space Program-(1dvd) CODEX 
Kaptain Brawe A Brawe New World - (1dvd) MULTi11-PROPHET
Mystery Trackers 8 Nightsville Horror Collectors Edition FINAL - (1dvd)
Mortal Kombat X (+ DLC pack Goro + hotfix + Patch v20150418 + v20150425 + incl DLC) 8dvd - RELOADED (bagi yang sudah punya game ini dari kami cukup beli disk 8 untuk update nya saja.)
Machinarium Collectors Edition- (1dvd) I_KnoW
Nearwood Collectors Edition - (1DVD) MULTi9-PROPHET
Omerta City of Gangsters Gold Edition - (1dvd) MULTi7-PROPHET
Perils of Man- (1dvd) CODEX
Pirates Life -(1dvd) H12U
POSTAL 2 Paradise Lost (include main game POSTAL 2 + all DLC) 1dvd - SKIDROW
Perils of Man- (1dvd) CODEX
Rush Bros - (1dvd) PROPHET
Shantae and the Pirates Curse - (1dvd) ALI213
Saints Row Gat out of Hell (+ Update 2) 2 dvd - RELOADED (bagi yang sudah punya game ini dari kami cukup beli disk 2 untuk update nya saja.)
Space Legends At The Edge of The Universe - (1dvd) MULTi5-PROPHET
Space Hulk Ascension Dark Angels (include main game + all DLC) 3 dvd - SKIDROW
State of Decay - Year One Survival Edition (HD 1080p + include main game State of Decay + Breakdown + Lifeline) (1dvd) CODEX
Stealth Inc 2.A Game of Clones- (1dvd) TiNYiSO
Tea Party Simulator 2015-(1dvd) DOGE
The Lost Valley - (1dvd) Hi2U
Titan Souls- (1DVD) HI2U
The Secret Order 4 Beyond Time Collectors Edition -(1dvd)
WWE 2K15 (include all DLC) 5DVD - RELOADED
Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim-(1dvd) HI2U

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