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Minggu, 19 April 2015

PC Games Terbaru Update Bulan April 2015


Age of Wonders III Eternal Lords -1 dvd CODEX
Albedo Eyes from Outer Space (+ krack fix) - (1DVD) CODEX
Among The Sleep (MULTi11)- (1DVD) PROPHET
Blue Estate - (1DVD) CODEX
Copa Petrobras de Marcas (EU) 1 dvd (setup) - H12U
Cloudbuilt Defiance (include main game Cloudbuilt + Through the Fog) - (1DVD) SKIDROW
Dying Light (hanya Patch v.1.5.1 include DLC)1DVD - RELOADED
Dungeon Defenders Eternity - (1DVD) SKIDROW
Distant Star Revenant Fleet - (1DVD) SKIDROW
Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today - (1DVD) FLT
Defend Your Life – (1dvd) PROPHET
Elminage Gothic- (1dvd) FASiSO
Final Rush - (1DVD) PLAZA
Fire - (1DVD) FLT 
Finding Teddy 2-(1dvd) TiNYiSO
Grand Theft Auto V (include update2-V2 win 7-8 64bit) 15 dvd - 3DM 
I Gladiator - (1DVD) H12U 
Led It Rain-(1dvd) FASiSO
Mortal Kombat X (+ DLC pack Goro + hotfix) 8 dvd - RELOADED
Out of the Park Baseball 16 (+ Patch v16.3.16) 1 DVD (SETUP) - SKIDROW
Out There Omega Edition –( 1dvd) FANiSO
PES15 PTE (HANYA PATCH 6.0 include 6.1 (1DVD)
Puddle (MULTi6)- (1DVD) PROPHET
Red Lake - (1DVD) PLAZA
StarDrive 2 - (1DVD) CODEX
Stronghold Crusader 2 The Princess and The Pig (include last patch + all DLC) - (1DVD) SKIDROW
The Barbarian - (1DVD) TiNYiSO 
Warhammer 40000 Armageddon Vulkans Wrath (include main game W40K Armageddon + Untold Battles + all DLC ) - (1DVD) SKIDROW

3D Pool Billiards and Snooker - (1DVD)- HI2U
BattleLore Command - (1dvd) CODEX
Cypress Inheritance The Beginning Chapter III (include Eps 1 - 2) 2DVD - SKIDROW
Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin (include main game Dark Souls II + all DLC + Language Selector) (4dvd) CODEX
Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure-(1dvd) CODEX
Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA  IV) -(New Instaler + update 1.0.7- instal-play) 4dvd - RAZOR
In Verbis Virtus (memerlukan headset microphone) (EU) 1 dvd (setup) - CODEX
Joes Diner -(1DVD) SKIDROW
Leviathan The Last Day of the Decade Episode 4 (include Eps 1 - 3)-(1 dvd) SKIDROW
Ostrich Island - (1dvd) TiNYiSO
Rogue Warrior - 1dvd
Raby -(1dvd) iNLAWS 
Son of Nor -  (1dvd) CODEX
Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition (Include Riders of the Rusland, empire the sky, welcome the Abyss, fire in to the deep, fault oneZero after the incident) (3dvd) - SKIDROW 
Tropico 5 Waterborne (include main game Tropico 5 + Patch V.1.09 incl DLC ) 1DVD- SKIDROW
The sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition ( New Instaler : include update - 1.3-1.4.83 - Outdoor Retreat +  Holiday Celebration Pack  + and all dlc) (3DVD) RELOADED
The Sims 4 The - Get to Work Addon only - (1dvd) RELOADED
Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition (Include Riders of the Rusland, empire the sky, welcome the Abyss, fire in to the deep, fault one (3dvd)
The Evil Within (Include The Evil Within The Assignment DLC+ all Dlc Update 1+1.3) 10dvd CODEX
War for the Overworld - (+ update v1.0.7-(1dvd) CODEX

Alchemy Mysteries Prague Legends ULTi12-(1DVD) PROPHET
Borderlands The Pre Sequel (Hanya Update v1.0.5)-(1DVD) RELOADED
Bloodsports TV -(1DVD) CODEX 
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round (include Fix Setting)-(2 dvd) RELOADED
Etherium-(1dvd) 3DM
Footbal Manager 2015 V15.1.3-(1dvd) -3DM
Game of Thrones Episode 3 (include eps 1 + 2)-(2DVD)- FLT
Life Is Strange Episode 2 (include episode 1)-(1DVD) CODEX
Pillars of Eternity -2 dvd (setup) - FLT
Railroad Lines (1DVD)
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition -(2DVD) PLAZA
Tennis Elbow 2013-(1DVD) 3DM
Trapped Dead Lockdown - (1DVD) Fairlight
wolrds of magic-(1DVD) FLT
World of Subways 4 New York Line 7 (+ krack hotfix) (1DVD) - CODEX
The Evil Within + update 1 - Codex (9dvd) yang sdh punya game ini dari KAMI,cukup beli disk 9 nya saja
The Evil Within Update V1.03- (hanya Update v1.03) 1 DVD -CODEX 
The Evil Within The Assignment DLC (3DVD)- (MEMBUTUHKAN UPDATE 1 dan 1.03) -CODEX 

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