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Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

GS Typing Tutorial 2.99 : Latihan Mengetik Cepat Akurat

 GS Typing Tutor is a multi-featured educational software that will help you to learn touch typing or develop your typing speed.
  If you are a beginner, the basic course is a necessary exercise which will help you to familiarize with the keyboard. Also, as a typist, special marks course will help you type faster and improve accuracy. And the numeric keypad course is useful for cashiers,accountants or intensive numeric keypad users to perform task much more quickly and easily.

  Instead of bald and monotonous learning process, GS Typing Tutor offers multi-form practice, a standard exercise and five typing-based games are supported.
  With the powerful statistics module in GS Typing Tutor, it will monitor your typing and analyze which keys are difficult to you, so, you can create an individual review to improve your skill.

  Here are some key features of "GS Typing Tutor":
  Easy of use
  · The user-inteface is shockingly easy to use, no technical knowledge is required, all you need to do is using the mouse to point and click.
  Complete lessons
  · Including three courses, the basic course will help you learn base keys in the keyboard, the special marks course will help you become a fluent typist. If you are a cashier, accountant or intensive numeric keypad user, the numeric keypad course can help you improve speed.
  One hand typing courses
  · GS Typing Tutor provides complete one hand typing courses from basic keys to advanced practices to help those using only one hand to type.
  Professional typing speed test
  · GS Typing Tutor offers three kinds of typing tests, General Typing Test, Original Copy Test, and Type at Will. The program also allows you to add your own text files as the test text.
  Includes 5 typing-based games
  · There are five typing-based games in the program. Learning process is amusing and effective.
  Supports 28+ keyboard layouts
  · GS Typing Tutor supports a variety of keyboard layouts, English US, English UK, English International, US Dvorak, US Dvorak Right hand, US Dvorak Left hand, Belgian, Canadian Multilingual, Danish, Dutch, English British, Finnish, French, French Canadian, Swiss French, German, Swiss German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latin American, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish-F, Turkish-Q. Croatian, Hungarian, Arabic 101, Arabic 102.
  Powerful and complete statistics
  · The program continually collects the information throughout the process of practice and test, and generates reports and curves to tell you how your development of the performance is. As well as, it analyzes which keys are difficult to you, so that you could customize a special practice to fine-tune your skills.
  Highly customizable
  · GS Typing Tutor enables you to change the user interface's color, on/off the sound, duration and a lot of options to meet your condition.
  Supports multiple users
  · Multiple people can use GS Typing Tutor on one computer, each user has their own account file in which the user's preference and other information are stored.
  · At least a Pentium 150Mhz, recommended Pentium II 300Mhz, 32MB RAM, 16bits color monitor and 800 X 600 resolution or higher.

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