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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Replay Video Capture 5.32 : Video Capture Untuk Rekam Aktivitas Layar Maupun Webcam

With Replay Video Capture, you can turn anything you see on your PC's screen into a high quality video file you can play anywhere. 

Replay Video Capture is especially well suited for recording:
  • Copy Protected Video
  • DVD's
  • Streaming Web Cams
  • Webinars
  • Screen Capture Videos
  • And any other video you can't capture.

High Quality Recordings
Capturing and compressing on-screen video in real time can require a lot of your PC's CPU power. Replay Video Capture is specially designed for this task, as it uses special high quality MPEG-2 codecs that give perfect looking recordings of videos without freezing up your PC.
To make it easy to capture a portion of your screen, Replay Video Capture can often automatically locate the region of your screen where video will be played. Or, you can choose to mark an area of the screen manually by moving markers yourself. Either way, setting up your recording area is a snap.
System Requirements
  • Windows XP-SP2, 2000, or Vista (Mac OK with Bootcamp or Parallels installed)
  • CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz minimum (dual core recommended)
  • RAM memory: 512 MB or higher
  • Recommended: Sound Card with a recording line (Stereo Mix, Master Volume, Wave Out Mix, What U Hear or similar)

New with Version 5

  • DVD ready videos: You can now record videos straight to DVD format, ready to be burned on disc. This eliminates hours of conversion or transcoding.
  • Scheduled recordings: Video recordings can now be started automatically at specified times and days.
  • Dual audio recording: Two audio sources can be simultaneously recorded. For example, you can now record your voice over a video with audio track.
  • Dual monitor support: You can use a second monitor to play/record videos while using the first monitor to do other things.
  • Video stills: You can take video snapshots, saved as 32-bit BMP files, while recording or pausing videos, full screen or selected windows.
  • Improved video quality: The new Enhanced mode allows video frames rates up to 50 frames per second. This is particularly important when recording in DVD format.
  • More video codecs and video formats: MPEG-4 and DVD codecs can now be used as default video formats along with MPEG-2 and Windows Media. Replay Video can also use other video codecs already installed in your computer (ffdshow, DivX, Xvid, h264, FLV) and save these files as an AVI.
  • Pause is now available for all video formats.
  • File sizes larger than 4 GB are displayed correctly
  • Replay Video Capture can be used on non-administrative accounts.
Petunjuk Penggunaan KLIK DISINI
Setelah selesai proses instalasi, jangan lupa untuk menutup program, termasuk tray icon software ini yang terdapat di sudut kanan bawah layar. Setelah itu eksekusi patch dari direktori folder tempat software diinstall, lalu copy paste serial yang dihasilkan patch tadi ke register box.

Jangan lupa bagikan info ini ke situs pertemanan lewat tombol di bawah ini

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