Game SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton

SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton [FINAL] | 72 MB
Triton has imprisoned his own father Neptune and unleashed an army of Krabby patties on Bikini Bottom. The entire town is under his command and only two heroes can do anything about it. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found so now it’s up to SpongeBob and Patrick. But can they stop their fooling around long enough to save the town, climb mount Triton, and put an end to the villain’s spell?
Unleash the power of the gods in order to restore Bikini Bottom. Play as different versions of SpongeBob and Patrick, and level them up with unique special powers until they are virtually unstoppable. Demolish Triton’s warped cities, fight off a variety of Krabby Patty soldiers, including Boss characters, and free Neptune. Without your help, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Bikini Bottom are doomed!
* Unlock special moves like SpongeBob’s flying drop kick and Patrick’s Lava Blast.
* Defeat Triton to save Bikini Bottom in this zany SpongeBob SquarePants Action game.
* Play as SpongeBob or Patrick with eight unique character styles.
* Level them up to increase Health, Attack, Jump and Speed.

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Game The Last Airbender 1.0 Portable

Portable The Last Airbender 1.0
PC | Windows | EN | Big Blue Bubble | 204 Mb
Genre: Action, Strategy
Become humanity’s savior in The Last Airbender, a rousing turn-based strategy game based on the mesmerizing feature film.
After 100 years frozen in ice, the young Aang awakens only to find that the world he knew is in the midst of a terrible war. Four nations, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, are tied by destiny but one, the Fire nation, hopes to rule them all. Caught between combat and courage, Aang is the lone Avatar, capable of manipulating all four elements.
And so, he teams with Katara, a Waterbender, and her brother Sokka, to restore balance to their war-torn world.
Fight for victory as Aang, Katara, Sokka, and other favorites from the exciting world of The Last Airbender to bring peace! Climb aboard Appa, the flying Bison, and travel to wonderful locations as you enter battle sequences against feared enemies like Prince Zuko, Commander Zhao, and other ruthless Firebenders. Create a custom set of bending scrolls to maximize your characters’ effectiveness to Meditate, Attack, Defend, and Heal. Earn training points, find rare scrolls to upgrade attacks, and fulfill your destiny to save the world!
Game features:
Fight for victory in this turn-based Strategy game from the feature film.
Battle as Aang, Katara, Sokka and other favorites against the Fire nation.
Climb aboard Appa, the flying Bison, and travel to over 25 wonderful locations.
Create a custom set of bending scrolls to Meditate, Attack, Defend, and Heal.
Earn training points, find rare scrolls to upgrade attacks, and unleash combos.
System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
1.5 GHz
512 MB RAM

link adalah interchangeable, jadi part 1 bisa ambil di fileserve dan part 2 bisa ambil  link yang hotfile dan sebaliknya, saat di satukan nanti tidak ada masalah
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Kitty Pets : Game pelihara kucing

101 Kitty Pets-FASiSO | 104.05 MB
Choose from over 101 cute adorable kittens-or simply adopt them all! You’ll never be bored with so many new feline friends to groom, pamper, play and love!
* Watch your kitty play with mechanical mice!
* Teach your kitty to sit, scare, pounce & more. Reward your kitten with a treat after each trick!
* Enter your kitty into cat shows & earn more money to buy fun upgrades, including toys, food, furniture and more!
* Buy cute clothes & dress up your kittens in 3D!
* Zoom in, zoom out, tilt and rotate in real 3D. Watch your kitten, up close and personal.
* Many kitten breeds – Choose from Siamese, Ragamuffin, Bombay, Siberian, Cartreux, British, Honey Bear, Ocicat, Turkish Angora & more!
* Personalise your kitty – Ever wanted to see what a blue Bengal would look like? Well now you can!
* 3D virtual world! Enjoy a range of full 3D environments! Go to the park, play in the garden, nap in the bedroom and more!
* Over 101 kitty toys & upgrades – Unlock new accessories as you care for your pet.
link adalah interchangeable, jadi part 1 bisa ambil di fileserve dan part 2 bisa ambil  link yang hotfile dan sebaliknya, saat di satukan nanti tidak ada masalah
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Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (PC/Eng/Rip)

Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (PC/Eng/Rip)
Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter
Size: 250 MB
Battle Rage: The Robot Wars is a third person shooter with elements of a beat’em up game that allows a player to control giant robots. Battles between the robots take place on carefully selected battlegrounds (so called “arenas”) and they are short, quick, brutal skirmishes. The player can fight alone (versus one, two or even three opponents) or in a team against a common foe. Every robot has its own weapons (for melee and distance combat), additional weapon types can be collected on the arena.
The player can modify a robot’s parameters in the single player mode as well as in the multiplayer to fit its possibilities to his/her own fighting style. Also many new, powerful robots will wait for the player to unlock in the story mode. The Tournament has begun!
Game features:
Single player and Multiplayer modes
Arcade mode with a separate Storyline for each of the robots characters
Robot Customization
Compelling mechanics (Rage, Rush, Power Traingle)
Special Attacks (push, stun and other unique abilities for each robot)
Robots allowed to fight with 3 weapons at the same time (two ranged and one melee)
8 different robots
20 weapons
10 arenas
link adalah interchangeable, jadi part 1 bisa ambil di fileserve dan part 2 bisa ambil  link yang hotfile dan sebaliknya, saat di satukan nanti tidak ada masalah
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Baca Al Quran online, atau download Al Quran unik untuk PC

kalau aplikasi ini tidak ada di komputer anda, bisa langsung di baca secara online, namun untuk anda yang ingin bisa membacanya secara offline, maka tersedia pula versi downloadnya. Al Quran ini unik karena seperti buku biasa yang bisa kita bolak balik halamannya seperti cara membuka buku biasa, namun juga tersedia fasilitas search surah dan ayat.

Mini Task : Task Management, Pengingat Jadwal penting

Software berukuran ringan ini, dapat memunculkan pemberitahuan dan alarm untuk mengingatkan jadwal-jadwal harian kita, software ini keluaran adobe, bagi anda yang membutuhkannya, tanpa perlu banyak penjelasan lagi silahkan langsung di unduh saja untuk mencobanya.

MorphostLab antivirus : Lagi! antivirus super ringan bikinan dalam negeri

Silahkan langsung dicoba sendiri saja, bisa menambah koleksi antivirus yang khusus membasmi virus-virus produksi dalam negeri juga beberapa virus yang bertebaran pada skala internasional

Wooow Keygen produk-produk Smartphoneware untuk ponsel symbian 60 3rd edition MOST WANTED

         Lebih dari 20 aplikasi most wanted lihat disini , untuk ponsel symbian 60 3rd edition, sayangnya keygen ini tidak berfungsi untuk symbian 60 5rd, dan tidak tersedia untuk symbian 40 yang menjadi OS ponsel-ponsel baru.
     Mulai dari aplikasi untuk mengenkrispi file yaitu hanya bisa membuka file video, dokumen, image, dll dengan password (yang suka simpan file video dewasa butuh ini :-D), aplikasi penyimpan password atm bank, dan data rahasia lain, kemudian aplikasi perekam percakapan ponsel, konverter super lengkap (ga ada di ponsel lain), kalkulator scientific, blacklist nomer ponsel yang suka menganggu, pencatat laporan keluar masuk uang, kamasutra lengkap, dan masih banyak lagi 


S60 3rd edition devices: LG KS10 (Joy), LG KT610, LG KT615, LG KT770, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 5630 XpressMusic, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6120 classic, Nokia 6121 classic, Nokia 6124 classic, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720 classic, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6760 slide, Nokia 6790 slide, Nokia 6790 Surge, Nokia E50, Nokia E51, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E63, Nokia E65, Nokia E66, Nokia E70, Nokia E71, Nokia E71x, Nokia E72, Nokia E75, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N80, Nokia N80 Internet ed., Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N91, Nokia N91 8GB, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96, Samsung i7710, Samsung i8510 INNOV8, Samsung SGH-G810, Samsung SGH-i400, Samsung SGH-i450, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung SGH-i550, Samsung SGH-i560, Samsung SGH-i570, Samsung SGH-L870

PCMAV 3.1.1 update build 2

Bersamaan dengan terbitnya Majalah PCMedia edisi 9/2010, maka PCMAV meluncurkan versi terbarunya yaitu PCMAV 3.1.1 Dan untuk kali ini PCMAV juga sudah mampu memproteksi dari 3.364 virus.

  • ADDED! Ditambahkan database pengenal dan pembersih 37 virus lokal/asing/varian baru yang dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia. Total 3364 virus beserta variannya yang banyak beredar di Indonesia telah dikenal di versi 3.1.1 ini oleh core engine PCMAV.
  • ADDED! Removal engine khusus untuk membersihkan secara tuntas varian virus Gaelicum, Nebula, Blagu, Autoit-ReplaceIcon, Senseii, dan Flyff666 yang menyebar luas di Indonesia.
  • FIXED! Scan ulang folder quarantine setelah proses update build.
  • FIXED! Perbaikan engine heuristik yang semakin akurat untuk mendeteksi virus VBS.
  • IMPROVED! Perubahan nama virus mengikuti varian baru yang ditemukan.

Game_Jackal_Pro_4.1.0.3_RC1 : aplikasi untuk tukang nge game

GameJackal adalah aplikasi “wajib” untuk para maniak game PC. Jika Anda, seperti mayoritas maniak game, sering menghadapi masalah harus memasukkan CD/DVD disk game setiap kali ingin memulai bermain game, Game Jackal Pro hadir untuk menghapus masalah tersebut. 

Menggunakan Game Jackal Pro, menghilangkan kebutuhan akan CD/DVD setiap kali memulai game. Game Jackal Pro bekerja tanpa memodifikasi sedikitpun file game Anda, atau menginstal virtual drives. Cukup pilih game yang ingin Anda mainkan,  atau Anda dapat membuat dekstop shortcut game favorit untuk akses yang lebih cepat.

Game Jackal Pro is the ultimate “must have” killer app for the PC gamer! If you, like most gamers, find it annoying looking for and inserting the CD-ROM for your favorite game each time you play it, then Game Jackal Pro is for you.
Unleash your games and go gaming “cd free” in seconds: Using Game Jackal Pro eliminates the need to insert the CD-ROM before playing your favorite title, therefore allowing you to fire up your favorite game in seconds.
Easy to use: Game Jackal Provides the user with a powerful and easy to use interface to go gaming “cd free”. It does this without modifying any of your game’s files or installing any virtual drives on your system. Simply select the game you want to play from the Game Jackal Pro interface, or create a desktop shortcut for even faster access.
Keeping your gaming investment safe: One major concern gamers have is the CD’s life span. The CD-ROM for a popular game may be inserted and removed many hundreds of times, this of course leads to the inevitable “Unable to read” error and ultimately a trip to the trash.
Image mode: Image mode adds support for games that need to stream data directly from the CD or DVD during game play.
Keep young eyes from playing games that may be not right for them: Game Jackal Pro comes complete with a feature called Guardian Control, this feature allows restrictions to be placed on game profiles.
Young gamers can make short work of a game CD: Being able to pack away the game CD has proven to be extremely popular with parents of young gamers, where a game can be destroyed in weeks!
There’s no other product like it: The simple fact is that Game Jackal Pro stands alone. There’s no other product on the market that delivers the flexibility and functionality that Game Jackal Provides.

Game Jackal Pro contains a very unique and powerful feature called Guardian Control, this allows a game profile to be password protected thereby ensuring that only specific users (i.e. those knowing the password) can play the game. And because your CD-ROM’s are now put away for safe keeping, there’s no fear of accidentally leaving a disc in the drive for a young gamer to find.
So now that we have limited what a young gamer can play, wouldn’t it be great if we could limit when games could be played? Well once again Game Jackal Pro provides a way… Guardian Control also allows rules to be created that detail when and how long games can be played. These rules can be as simple as defining a time (i.e. between 6:30PM and 8:30PM) during the week days in which games can be played to complex rules that involve many periods in which a young person can go gaming.

Features Pro Version:
• Create profiles right from the desktop with the new “One-click” profile creation option. Simply right-click any game icon on you desktop (or anywhere else for that matter) and select “Convert to Game Jackal Profile”, a much simplified creation wizard guides you through a 2 step process.
• Unused profiles can now be moved to an archive section allowing you to keep only your current favorites in the “My Game Profile” section.
• A new “plug-in” interface is now available, this allows third-party developers to create plug-ins for Game Jackal Pro.
• Right-click popup menu for profiles, this provides a faster and easier way to manage profiles.
• Improved reliability, support and performance for many games and hardware configurations.
• Support for multi processor hardware, including the ability to specific processor(s) on for each profile.
• Image mode, for games that need to stream data from the CD or DVD during game play.
• An easy to use interface, providing the user with a single tool for “cd free” gaming.
• The creation of a Game Jackal Profile is performed while you are playing your favorite game!
• Using the auto update feature, your version of Game Jackal Pro will always be the latest version available.
• Guardian Control, this feature allows for the password protection of game profiles in addition to specifying when and how long a game can be played.
• No longer do you need to find and insert the game’s CD-ROM.
• Preserve the original game’s CD-ROM: one of the problems with having a favorite game is that the CD-ROM gets damaged over time.
• Game load times are dramatically shortened

i Screen Recorder full version portable : tangkap dan rekam aktivitas layar komputer

i Screen Recorder is a powerful, yet full-featured screen record tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages, and save the images in BMP or JPG formats. It also allows you to capture video or image from DV and TV Tuner, and Other Device, and browse or edit recorded media files.

What you can do with i Screen Recorder:
* Provide quick access to its capture tools and output options
* Setup custom hotkey to activate (or stop) screen capturing instantly
* Any portion of the screen can be selected for recording
* Capture video or image from other devices like USB webcams, TV tuner and DV in real time
* Set properties for each capture device
* Support AVI video file format
* Adjustable output video file size
* Record video and even sound (audio device connected)
* Auto-tune TV channels
* Resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brighten, adjust colors
* Send captured images by email
* And much more …


DFX Audio Enhancement 9.300 keygen full version : bantu kualitas audio makin gahar, asalkan hardware mendukung

        DFX Audio Enhancement adalah sebuah plugin audio untuk Windows Media Player, Winamp, MusicMatch Jukebox, RealOne, River Media Center, dimana dalam DFX ini tersedia setting audio yang tidak ada pada pengaturan audio standar pada masing-masing aplikasi tersebut. Dengan menggunakan software yang berukuran ringan ini, hasil output audio akan lebih berasa dentuman dan gelegarnya, tentu jika didukung oleh hardware yang mumpuni.