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Sabtu, 12 September 2009

10 Second Sexual Attraction

Long and far have I searched for the answers to
women and relationships.
Tomes were written and miles of videotape recorded.
Dozens of the greatest “pickup artists” have been
Millions of words of original work were put to paper.
Thousands of hours of were spent in field.
Thousands of people tested and retested my ideas.
In the process, I created one of the most
comprehensive bodies of work on the subject of
meeting women, dating, and relationships.
But ultimately, it turned out that I went to deep,
too far, and too wide. My works so far have focused on
vastly detailed theoretical and practical guides that
are meant to turn you into an absolute master. There
were very many technical terms used. My works deliver,
and many dedicated practitioners have attained
mastery, making thousands of women very happy.
Still, the feedback I always get for people starting
out is:
“ Give me a simple system that I can use
anytime anyplace that makes her want me
sexually, makes her really attracted. So
I can just get her number and date her.”
This is that work.
This is simply a plan that if you follow, you will
Get the Girl! regardless of where you meet her, how
you meet her, and your own situation.

PDF | 290 pages | 82.2 MB

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