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Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Symantec Mobile Threats Removal Tool is designed to remove the infections

· SymbOS.Cabir
· SymbOS.Cabir.B
· SymbOS.Commwarrior.A
· SymbOS.Commwarrior.B

This removal tool is designed to run on Nokia Series 60 mobile phones

· Save the file to a convenient location, such as your Windows desktop.
· Load the SymcMTRT.sis removal tool file onto the compromised device.
· In the Symbian OS Menu, open the Tools folder.
· Open the File Mngr. program.
· Locate the SymcMTRT.sis file and open it.
· Click Yes when you see the following message: Install Symantec Mobile Threats Removal Tool?
· Choose Continue and then click OK.
· Click Exit to exit the file manager.
· Click Back to exit the Tools folder.
· Open the SymcMTRT application.
· Click Options, select Quick Scan, and then click Select.
· Choose Yes or No when the following message appears:
Would you like to create a log file as C:NokiaSymcMTRT.LOG?
· One of two messages will appear:
Scanning Completed!
The removal was successful.
Directories deleted:[NUMBER OF DIRECTORIES]
Files deleted:[NUMBER OF FILES]
Scanning Complete!
No threat has been found on your device
· Click Close to exit the removal tool.
· Restart the device.
· Run the removal tool again to ensure that the device is clean.

When the tool has finished running, and you chose to create a log file, it saves the log file to the device's C:Nokia directory. This log file contains the following results:
· Start time
· End time
· Number of scanned processes
· Total number of scanned directories
· Number of deleted directories
· Number of scanned files
· Number of deleted files


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